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Time for a freshen up????

Does your branding reflect your firm’s true culture? Does it stand out for the right reasons? How does it compare with your competitors’? Follow this advice on how to review your branding and what to consider during a rebranding exercise. A firm’s branding speaks volumes. People may judge your practice based solely on your logo. […]

Web Design Cost

…and what should you expect from a web company? If you are looking for a web company to build (or re-build) your company web site, you may have already realised that there is not only a huge choice of companies and individuals who can help you, but there can also be a vast difference in […]

Colour use in Logos

Black Represents: Authority, Power, Mystery, Boldness, Elegance and Sophistication Black is used to commonly target youth and a high-end audience. It creates a mystery while representing power, authority and elegance in the logo. Red Represents: Passion, Love, Anger, Hunger, Health, Excitement and Life Red has the power of attraction and is one of the most […]