Time for a freshen up????

Does your branding reflect your firm’s true culture? Does it stand out for the right reasons? How does it compare with your competitors’? Follow this advice on how to review your branding and what to consider during a rebranding exercise.

A firm’s branding speaks volumes. People may judge your practice based solely on your logo. It’s the equivalent of walking into a business meeting or interview: first impressions count.

Branding draws new business

Most companies often overlook the importance of the brand. People buy your services because of demonstrated expertise or the personal rapport you have developed. Branding, however, helps to attract potential clients in the first place.

When did you last look at your branding and asked yourself what it says about your firm?  Does it portray forward thinking, proactive, professionals or outdated, old fashioned, behind the times practice?

Look at your competitors’ logos. How do they portray themselves? Does this match up with how others would see them? Does your logo stand out from your competitors’ for positive, professional reasons or is the contrast embarrassing?

It’s more than just the logo

Your branding covers everything you do and what your firm stands for. Make sure it is consistent. For example:

  • Does your website talk about your ‘modern, dynamic practice’, yet your logo dates back to when the practice was formed in, eg, several decades ago?
  • Is your logo modern, vibrant and fresh, yet your offices are old, run down and overflowing with paper files?
  • Does your branding refer to a time when the practice had fewer or more partners? Is it relevant for the practice today and up to date?

Don’t be afraid to ask your staff, clients and business contacts what they think. They can give a different perspective, possibly one that you may not have considered yourself yet.

Invest in your brand

If you make the decision to rebrand, consider employing a digital designer to come up with several concepts for a logo, based on a specific image you want to achieve.

Working with a creative designer to produce several logo ideas to choose from may well save you time and money and give you a much better result in the long run.

What to consider when rebranding

When writing the brief for a Digital Designer, consider the following aspects of logo design:

  • Colour scheme: do you have specific corporate colours which signify your brand and need to be used on any future logo?
  • If you’re considering a different colour scheme, bear in mind colours that work best for reproduction across different media: print, online, banner stands, adverts etc.
  • The number of colours you use, along with any special effects such as metallic colours, will cost more to print. Have you budgeted for this?
  • The size and shape of the logo and where it will be used: stationery, online, brochures, promotional items such as pens, bags etc.

When rebranding, draw up a list of everything that needs to be updated with the new image, including:

  • office stationery
  • reports
  • marketing literature
  • website and social media sites
  • email signatures
  • internal and external office signs
  • banner stands
  • adverts
  • promotional items.


Ideally, you would launch your new logo and update everything in one hit. However, this isn’t always practical.

Aim to roll it out over six months, starting with your website, stationery and marketing leaflets. The best time to rebrand is when your stationery stocks are running low so you don’t incur wastage by throwing away old logo versions and you don’t confuse clients by having different logos on different stationery items.


Your logo should capture the culture of your firm whilst being eye-catching in a positive way. It should make current clients feel proud that you’re their service provider; and prospective clients want you to be theirs.




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