anil mavar - user experience design

I design strategies, services, and experiences that help established companies become digital businesses. Defined as a generalist – my skill set is multifaceted. While I approach problem-solving strategically, I come alive when collaborating with others to tell stories about solutions that matter.

User Experience

I provide you with a truly fluid user experience design, putting people at the heart of everything I do.. My approach to thinking and design is human centric design, first, enabled and scaled by technology.

I create, shape, design, and develop experiences, products, and services with our clients. My speciality is creating amazing and easy digital experiences through openness and collaboration.


Canon Workflow



I’ll engage with you to understand the scale of the requirement and propose the best fit. If you have an idea or need something creating from scratch, I can develop your brand or product no matter what stage you’re at.


Generally, all projects have a discovery phase of which wireframes are explored and iterated so you can review and show potential users.


At this stage, a brand is either in place or needs to be created. I’ll craft pixel-perfect high-fidelity visuals within a comprehensive design system to achieve the best user experience.


Depending on what your product might be whether it’s an app, portal, or website, delivery of the final piece of work is produced in Adobe XD and exported the developers for development.